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Bryan Lum Xyuen Hern, 14
St Joseph's Institution
Loves Guitar and everything about it
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Thursday, May 14, 2009
Men are flawed

Explains alot to why there can be no absolute perfection in the world, especially those involving man. the movie angels and demons reflected this truth, however through the religious context of catholicism. id say go catch the movie, christian or not, because there's nothing anti-christ about it, just that it's a little controvertial in some ways, unlike da vinci code, which proved to be quite blesphamous (sp?).

Ah, im extremely drained from soccer today, so ill be in dreamland shortly :)

Maybe i should take a break from all of these activities, and do the things i find more meaning in, yea perhaps that's what ill do :)

10:37 PM

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
What are you

what are you?
an angel sent from the sky, carrying me up high
a rock tied to my legs, pulling me into the depths of the ocean
a lie, leaving me here in regret and disbelief
a lesson, that some mistakes should never be made.
what are you? im thinking of, as i lay on this bed.
perhaps youre a star, one dreams of touching.
all but a dream,
an ideal,
for this star,
refuses to shine,
leaving me in eternal night

11:52 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
midnight oil won't burn

Well since i've gotten my iTouch, blogging would be so much more convenient (: no more stoning infront of the computer thinking of what i wanted to write anymore.

Can't say how frequent i'll update, becasue i definitely won't keep to it, so just check in every now and then to see what's up. Just put up "Angelina" by Tommy Emmanuel over there --> hope it's alright, kind of a new style for me.

Good luck to all those midnight muggers who hope to squeeze everything (or what fits) into a few hours. Last min studying doesn't work for sec 3 anymore. esp to hongkiat - stop slacking, you can do it! if you freaking fail A math i'm gonna kill you, esp after those study sessions with all of us.

What you reap is what you sow, i hope i've worked enough (:

9:47 PM

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

team leo absolutely loves comp team training! :D
lol, oh my gosh, training's taken a 180deg turn from what it's supposed to be. now it's full of enjoyment and laughter, on top of the pushups and the usual disciplinary stuffs. the thing is, we do benefit from it! ever so eager to correct our mistakes be it in footdrills or in first aid or maybe even TOC. having that freedom to speak up and speak out's made training what it's meant to be, something that everyone can look forward to (:

instead of getting screwed for every mistake we do without actually knowing what we did wrong, we're actually taking videos of our actions and after every round, we review them for mistakes. this way, self improvement is so much more efficient.

training's just awesomeee, even though we're all still really tired in the end, we enjoyed and learnt from every single thing we did in the day.

oh well, tomorrow's guitar lesson at 12's the only thing i have, then lunch with moses. gotta get started on those xmas cards. i've really gotta burn my pen. friday and sat's taken up by sjab stuff again. haha, the season of giving's finally approaching!

11:02 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

ncoc's over!

i enjoyed it quite a bit i must admit,

even if it involved all the standard procedures of regementation

or even if we got punished quite abit from the officers.

in the end,

i'm i sure did learn new things and made many new friends

it was a fruitful experience in short.

wooo, it's like the 15th of Dec already.

school's starting in like half a month or so.


christmas cards, outings, song writing, guitaring, gahhh.

well maybe because of that, i wish the holidays were longer.

i hope school somehow reopens only on the 12th of jan :D

9:25 PM

Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanks to christian, we have a cool background for our myspace! (www.myspace.com/alttabmusic) :D
Alternate Tab.

12:38 PM

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

oh my gosh, NCOC's totally killing my holidays.

juggling with SJAB, friends, guitar, and my band. it's really quite alot, considering that NCOC takes up SO MANY OF THE WEEKENDS %!@#. gah, who am i to complain, *reassures self*, someone told me that God doesnt give us more than we can handle. i hope all the fun i have during the remaining days make up for it.

7:09 PM